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Ask yourself this question, how much did the business owners of Los Angeles and Fresno spend on your local church, school, or favorite Philanthropy? The truth is zero - but when you buy local, you are supporting the Kern County Fire Department, Sheriff, and Bakersfield Police Department. Your money helps build better schools, roads, and this money is invested back into your local community. It is inevitable that you could save $50 or $100 off your next vehicle, by shopping dozens of stores 100 miles away, but you must ask yourself is that worth it? To invest that time and ultimately buy a car from a dealer hours away? Most importantly that dealer can't help you during your ownership experience. You will own this vehicle for several years, and it's your local franchise that will be caring for your vehicle.

Give us the opportunity to dazzle you, and we will treat you so well you won't want to leave! For those of you that have always done business locally, thank you for keeping Bakersfield great!
Greater Bakersfield New Car Dealer Association

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